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Rusty & Relic

Rusty Relic hand-painted electric Guitars


Each guitar is unique, one of a kind, crafted and hand-painted to stand out from the mainstream, and exclusively designed for those who seek individuality.


Embodying the fusion of art and music, every guitar is meticulously hand-painted, reflecting Dom De Plume’s creative vision and attention to detail.


Rare and Limited: With less than 20 guitars made annually, these instruments are rarer than rare, ensuring their distinctiveness in the world of music.


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Wasteland Guitars is an art project by Dom De Plume. This is the place where musical instruments transcend into post-apocalyptic artistry. Each guitar born here is a testament to creativity, combining craftsmanship with a dash of dystopian flair. Rust-like aesthetics, meticulously painted, adorn these instruments, standing as singular pieces in a world of conformity. Wasteland Guitars brings forth an ensemble of unique, handpainted guitars that echo tales of a future past.


If you are interested in my artwork, get in touch and send me a message!

Wasteland Guitars

by Dom De Plume

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