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Wasteland Guitars

Welcome to Wasteland Guitars, where musical instruments transcend into post-apocalyptic artistry. Each guitar born here is a testament to creativity, combining craftsmanship with a dash of dystopian flair. Rust-like aesthetics, meticulously painted, adorn these instruments, standing as singular pieces in a world of conformity. Wasteland Guitars brings forth an ensemble of unique, handcrafted guitars that echo tales of a future past.

🇪🇺 Handmade in Europe


... where music & art collide in a post-apocalyptic symphony...


  • Exclusivity Personified: Each guitar is unique, one of a kind, crafted and hand-painted to stand out from the mainstream.

  • Rare and Limited: With less than 20 guitars made annually, these instruments are rarer than rare, ensuring their distinctiveness in the world of music.

  • Hand-Painted Aesthetics: Embodying the fusion of art and music, every guitar is meticulously hand-painted, reflecting Dom’s creative vision and attention to detail.

Experience the Wasteland!

Artistic Endeavor

Wasteland Guitars is not just about guitars; it’s a living art project. Here, the rust and corrosion serve as more than mere aesthetics; they symbolize the end of the era of metal and rock stars. The deliberate rusting process acts as a metaphor, signifying the passage of time, the decay of idols, and the rebirth of artistry. It’s an ode to the fading glory of an era, crafting instruments that resonate with a new narrative and purpose, capturing the essence of music’s evolution beyond fading glamour.

Meet the Artist

Dom De Plume - The Artist

Meet Dom De Plume, the visionary behind Wasteland Guitars. An artist driven by a passion for music, craftsmanship, and a touch of eccentricity. Dom curates these guitars as pieces of art, infusing them with individuality, depth, and a post-apocalyptic narrative. With an eye for detail and an ear for symphony, Dom’s creations embody the fusion of sonic resonance and visual allure.

Dom De Plume is a man with a wide-ranging creative background. He has a university degree in multimedia art and has established himself not only as an artist but also as a media designer. He currently works as a full-time creative director, channeling his artistic vision into various innovative projects.

In addition to his professional work, Dom’s deepest passions lie in toys and music. He has been playing the guitar for almost 25 years and as a musician in his youth he thrilled crowds in clubs and youth hostels.

As a multimedia artist, Dom’s miniature creations and designer toys have graced exhibitions around the world, from San Francisco to Vienna. He has exhibited alongside greats such as Amanda Visell, Pushead, Ron English, and Frank Kozik.

The electric guitar serves as both a source of passion and a medium for his creativity, combining his passion, hobby, and vocation. This fusion led to the creation of his project: Wasteland Guitars.

it's all about the art of color

crafting & painting

Despite their rustic appearance, there isn’t an ounce of real rust on these electric guitars— – It’s all about the art of color.

A myriad of techniques, colors, and coatings come together to achieve this distinctive look. Each guitar part, down to the tiniest screw, receives meticulous attention with multiple layers of primer, paints, and sealers. The majority of the work is handcrafted with a brush, ensuring precision and a unique touch.

Utilizing a diverse palette ranging from alcohol-based to acrylics and stains, I treat each piece individually. Metal components, wooden parts, and pickups undergo different treatments tailored to their characteristics and stress levels.

Before the painting process begins, every piece undergoes disassembly and is primed with high-quality primers from various reputable brands. This ensures the colors adhere flawlessly. The painting process involves multiple layers of diverse paints, encompassing water-based and alcohol-based varieties. Each piece is then meticulously sealed with clear coats, guaranteeing durability.

Every guitar is an art piece in its own right, hand-painted with care and expertise. While these guitars are indeed art pieces, they are fully playable instruments, carefully crafted for both aesthetics and functionality.

Behind the scenes

Wasteland Guitars

Wasteland Guitars, where musical instruments transcend into post-apocalyptic artistry