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ST-Style Radioactive

ST STYLE Rusty Radioactive YELLOW 2024-02-18 FINISHED Everything ready Fully Assembled Setup to Drop C Gallery 2024-02-14 Work in progress​ Body assembled Electronics done ready for setup 2024-02-14 Work in progress​ Body sealed Pickguard sealed Neck done Wiring the electronics… Read More »ST-Style Radioactive

Fender Stratocaster Rusty Metal Black 01

Fender Stratocaster Rusty army black ST- STYLE Rusty Army Black Fender Stratocaster (Made in Mexico) repainted in in rusty army black paint style with rusty submarine pickguard. Loaded with three Fender Alnico 5 single coils.

ST-Style Rusty Submarine Green 02

ST-Style Rusty submarine ST- STYLE Rusty submarine Classic ST-Style guitar shape in rusty submarine paint style with matching pickguard . Loaded with a single invader-style Humbucker in bridge position, a single tone knob and blocked Tremolo.

ST-Style Rusty Metal Black 07

ST-Style Rusty metal black ST- STYLE Rusty Metal Black Classic ST-Style guitar shape in rusty army black paint style with rusty black pickguard. Loaded with Invader-style Humbucker in the bridge. 1 Volume 1 Humbucker.


Elysian Pedals x Wasteland Guitars
The Lazarus circuit is a two staged boost with more than enough power and drive to wake the dead…

DC-Style Rusty Army Green 01

DC-Style Rusty army Green DC- STYLE Rusty Army GREEN DC-Style guitar shape in rusty army green paint style with an rusty orange pickguard and decals. Loaded with a two PAF Humbuckers.

V-Style Rusty Grey

v-Style Rusty army grey V- STYLE RUSTY ARMY GREY V-Style guitar shape in Rusty Army Grey paint style with  decals. Loaded with two High Output Humbuckers.